My   Stats

Age: unknown ;)

Height: 5-5

Weight: 128

Hair: Blonde (Long)

Eyes: Blue

Measurements: 36C-29-38


About Me

I'm not usually one to write about myself so I will start by sharing what people have told me and hope that they weren't just being overly nice ;) I have been told I am surprisingly intelligent and very articulate. People constantly say they are taken aback by how easy I am to talk to. People tell me they feel like they've known me their entire life, although we have just met. As sad as stereotypes may be, I still often hear that I am "too hot to be this smart". Let me confirm for you now, you CAN have both. I even put myself through college at UCLA, studying psychology. I really adored going to college. It felt like such a blessing because my parents didn't go to college, and I still feel very grateful that I was able to find my way to UCLA! I am, in all aspects, a very spiritual gal. I meditate and chant daily, and most of my private time is spent in reflection. I believe in growth on all levels of being! It's funny that I am often mistaken for a party girl, which I am very much the opposite of. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE to have fun, but going and getting hammered is not my idea of fun. I love travel and have been all around the world from Mexico to Canada to South Africa, from Tikal to Europe. Some destinations that I still want to visit are Costa Rica, Thailand, India, Brazil, New Zealand, Greece (where my family is from), Eastern Europe, and Japan... just to name a few ;)

I love the beach, and never want to live too far from it... I walk in the park and enjoy as many sunsets as I can each week. My dog is my best friend and always will be =) and I am a foodie with tons of newfound food allergies. Talk about torture!

As for my early life, I didn't grow up rich or spoiled, in fact I remember more than one welfare Christmas as a child. I've learned to appreciate everything I have, and have worked hard to get it. I don't have much, but I do have two little doggies that I love very much and would give the world for. Animals bring more joy to my life than can even be express with words. 

Good conversation and good company are essential in life. I would always prefer a night with good friends around a firepit than a loud room full of strangers. I believe that Happiness is more about your perception than what happens to you and that you can choose it at anytime. I'm currently working on writing a novel, as well as a self-help book, the main theme of which is about happiness and overcoming negative habits (and negative thinking) that destroy our lives. The mind is truly a powerful tool and should never be wasted on drama. I believe in and talk to Angels (as I call them), and even tho it makes me sound a little crazy, I have totally given in to worrying about that. I just have to be myself! 

I've had some health opportunities the last few years that have allowed me to take life less serious, to say the least. I think in many ways its brought a huge amount of gratitude and joy into my life, and helped me to see what's most important in life. Health was a big factor in why I moved from LA and the whole Hollywood scene. San Diego is just a more down to earth place, and I love it here.  


I should come clean about one important detail tho, I am a bit of a secret nerd geek. I love Sci-Fi, I have build more than one computer, designed more than one website, and have way too many intricate scientific theories that I will one day prove.  And lets not forget that I am still holding hope that one day very soon I can live on a farm in Costa Rica, commute by teleport to work in California, and make it home in time for sunset and a farm fresh dinner. Mark my words, I will have a teleport! I am a nerd and I am proud! 

Let me tell you this tho, despite the good girl feel I have, I do love to have fun. I am very passionate about life, and love, and romance. Can I be the good girl next door, the nerdy sci-fi fan, the spiritual guru, the scientist, and the classy world traveler, while still being a naughty Porn Star? Well that pretty much describes me. If you watch my videos or look at my spreads you understand I have no problem with being sexy... and I don't think anyone else has a problem with it either =) I have more than my share of passion and energy to keep things exciting... but all I can really promise is that I will always be who I am! Myself!

Film, Magazine & Acting Resume


*Sideline Secrets -- Stephanie 

*Never Cry -- Siren

*Triloquist -- Stripper

*Darker Secrets - Natalie 

*Soup of the Day - Carla


Magazines & Photographers: 

*(Cover) Oui Magazine Cover - Alex Crane Photography

*Penthouse - Chris King

*Risque Factor/Maxx Magazine - Chad Jason

*(Cover) Motor City Heat - Chris King

*(Cover) Genesis Magazine - Sexy Home Hotties

-- Plus many many more wonderful spreads...


TV Projects: 

*Sex Factor - Playboy TV

*7 Lives Xposed - Playboy TV

*Misled - HBO

*Family Business (Multiple Appearances) - Showtime

*Blue Suede Productions - HBO

*Raising the Roof - Spike TV

XXX Movies: 
*Who's Next in Porn Series - Astrux (Metro)
*Young Hot & Bothered 2 - Metro
*Young Hot & Bothered 3 - Metro
*Strap it On 3 - Redlight District
*Teenaged Perverts 2 - Metro
*Naked Slumber Party - Hot Body International
*Sorority Splash - Metro
*Sex Fight - Wildcat Productions
*Dirty Pretty Lies - Metro
*Dirty Talk - Metro 
*Grudge Fuck 5 - DVSX
*Wet 2 - Peach DVD 
*Atomic Vixens - VCA/Hustler
*Barely Legal School Girls - Hustler 
*Pink Paradise - Sin City
*Pimp my Ride - Nectar
*Girls in Pink - Shameless Studios
*Lesbian Training 3 - XCartel 
*Cum When I Cum - Shameless Studios
*Disturbed 5 - Metro 
*Corrupted by Justine Joli - Corrupted Pictures
*Sorority Sluts - SexZ Pictures 
*Psycho Cheerleaders - Wicked Pictures
*Sexy Nice Girls Bound and Silences - Bondage
*Tight Ropes and Stiff Nipples - Bondage 
*All Girl Zone 2 - Fuxion
*All Girl Zone 4 - Fuxion
*No Mans Land - Girls In Love 3 
*Platonic Pussy - Wicked Pictures
*No Dick in This Flick - Wicked Pictures
*The Sweet Spot - CalVista Studios
-- Plus Many many more...